12 Volt 1/2″ Inlet/Outlet Fuel/Air Shut Off Valve


12 Volt 1/2″ Inlet/Outlet Shut Off Valve

This valve is the most popular valve used in Diesel trucks with auxiliary fuel tanks in the pickup bed. The flow characteristics of this valve enable quick and efficient transfer of fuel from the auxiliary tank to the stock tank during transport.

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AFC173 Fuel Shut off valve.

12 Volt 1/2″ Inlet/Outlet Fuel/Air Shut Off Valve

Advanced Fuel Components

Features and Specifications:

  • 12 Volt optimal (10.5 VDC to 15 VDC).
  • Coil resitance 8.0 ohms current draw 1.7 amps max.
  • Rated working pressure 2 PSI.
  • 2 way normally closed inline solenoid.
  • Rated for Diesel fuel, gasoline, LP gas, natural gas, air and other media.
  • OEM approved or 1/2″ female with pipe thread inlet, and 1/2″ female with pipe thread outlet.
  • Ambient temp rating -40°F to +195°F. or 195°F Fluid.
  • 100,000 cycle tested. Extensive test data available.
  • All construction, corrosion resistant – solid brass, plated steel, or anodized aluminum.
  • 100% tested for low and high pressure leaks.

The AFC173 (12v) is a 2 way normally closed solenoid valve that will provide On/Off control of air, gas and other media. The valve has one inlet and one outlet and does not pass fluid or air until the coil is energized. This valve will work in low pressure applications. Pipe Size: 1/2″ NPT Orifice: 0.4375 Cv: 2.0 Also available in 24v.

AFC 173

Engineered for use in automotive, industrial, and refrigeration applications.

Features and Specifications
Working pressure 2 PSI
Compact design, with a 10 year history of reliable performance
100,000 cycle tested.
Minimum draw – less than 1.7 AMP, 12VDC when fully energized
High Flow Solenoid
Available for high and low pressure applications
Stocking 12Volt
Easy installation
Ambient Temperature rating -40°F to +250°F, or 170° Fluid
Rated for use with fuel, air and other media
Superior quality construction, corrosion resistant — solid brass, plated steel, anodized aluminum, olive drab
All valves are date coded
Every unit 100% functionally tested for low/high pressure leaks and dielectric breakdown

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