24 Volt Fuel Shut Off Valves

Many of these valves are used for Motorcycle, Welder, Farm tractor, antique tractor, RV and Compressed Natural Gas applications. Each valve has its own unique flow characteristics and inlet outlet layout. Each valve is guaranteed to work in your application. All the valves here have unconditional warranty and are rated for automotive and extreme conditions. 24 Volt Fuel Shut Off Valves This is the place to Buy AFC valves online. We carry the full line of 24 Volt Fuel Shut Off Valves and solenoids from AFC. From the AFC 111 all the way to the AFC 211 for Compressed Natural Gas use. Scan our large selection and great prices for Advanced Fuel Component Valves. We also carry the Fuel Valve Fittings that are most commonly used to connect your AFC valves to the fuel components that you are controlling. Fuel Shut off Valves are our specialty so make sure you are controlling your system with the best Made in the USA Valves from Advanced Fuel Components. Industry leading valves for Motorcycles, Tractors, Hot Rods, Fire fighting equipment, Welders. Off road and Racing Vehicles and many other applications

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